It is never easy doing business within today’s disruptive conditions brought about by technology in the business world. Doing business is a dynamic process that companies often go through along with changing market conditions. This challenge of navigating disruption is more often than so greater for some.


Corporate restructuring can be driven by the need for change in an organisation’s structure or business model. Restructuring happens for a variety of reasons:

  • To improve profitability
  • To align employees with new business goals and strategies
  • To integrate internal structure with new business models
  • To facilitate transition of new operations and processes

Our effective change management process combines the optimal use of strategy, communication, processes, learning experiences, and constant reinforcements. Our positive change management process are underlined by five critical success factors (CSF):

  • Creating a vision of hope
  • Communicating urgency and expected outcomes of change
  • Developing support team and structure
  • Managing the transition through constant tracking of change result
  • Sustaining momentum through constant reinforcements of change purpose and direction

Our experienced consultants at Align Group aim to support your team towards internalising and sustaining any change initiatives. We can make that vital difference in your transformation.

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