The world of business is reaching hyper-speed, as technology accelerates ahead and disrupts the marketplace. With the advent of new technology-powered players, many enterprises are increasingly under attack and at risk of digital disruption. Their existing business models are outliving their usefulness and face obsolescence within years. Thankfully, all is not lost. Enterprises can re-imagine, re-design and re-invent their industry, service or product offerings, and most importantly, their business models to win in the digital age.

Business Model Transformation & Innovation

We partner with enterprises to innovate, upgrade and transform present-day business models in order to stay ahead of rapidly changing competition and consumer needs. We help enterprises capitalise on their capabilities and resources to re-generate their entire business. Our approach is to work intimately with management teams to apply proven models and methods in business model innovation, design and transformation on their business.

Our scope in Business Model Transformation and Innovation includes:

  • Changing Mindsets of Senior Management and Board Members
  • Setting the Enterprise’s Agenda for Innovation and Business Model Transformation
  • Studying Industry, Technology and Disruptive Futures
  • Analysing Present-Day Business Model
  • Ideating, Modelling and Designing New Business Models
  • Developing Business Model Transformation Strategy and Roadmap

For qualifying companies, you may tap the attractive Capability Development Grant offered by Enterprise Singapore (formally known as SPRING Singapore).

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